A Spiritual Practice

For me, the practice of Kemetic Yoga is an act of Spirituality. I am descended from the original, the African in the land from which all is spawned. I align with the Divinities that became creation and the Ancestral Spirits who protect me and guide me. Yoga and meditation are so much more than doing postures. The … Read more

I Am A Yoga Teacher

I am a teacher of Yoga. Yoga is a system of Self Development that involves movements, Postures, and Controlled Deep Breathing that heals, improves health and allows one to manage stress and get relief from trauma. Yoga is also a philosophy that includes a worldview that instills alignment with righteousness and the order of nature. … Read more

Identity Crisis

Before the holocaust of the middle passage and captivity, each child was born into the community with knowledge of their purpose for coming into this life and what their role in the world was to be. This is because prior to birth our culture had ways of consulting with the spirits and the oracles to … Read more


For you young folks who are interested in hearing the words of an elder, listen to Warren Washington, a Black man who actually invented the science of creating mathematical models of understanding and predicting global climate change and weather patterns in general. Many view modern science and scientific thinking as a β€œwhite” thing without realizing … Read more

Kemetic Yoga Origins

The term Kemetic Yoga refers specifically to the work performed by Dr. Asar Hapi and Yirser Ra Hotep starting in the mid-1970s to re-discover the ancient Kemetic connection with Yoga.Β  Our research centered on the translation of certain writings and the interpretation of certain symbols that related to the philosophy and practice of Yoga.Β  We … Read more

On The Origins Of Implicit Bias & White Supremacy

yoga in africa

In America and throughout the entire white world, Black professionals automatically face doubt and fear because subconscious automatic implicit bias is a built-in feature of the psychological makeup of people in this society. The sight of Black skin automatically triggers internal reactions of bias that white people seem unable to control or even be aware … Read more