A Spiritual Practice

For me, the practice of Kemetic Yoga is an act of Spirituality. I am descended from the original, the African in the land from which all is spawned. I align with the Divinities that became creation and the Ancestral Spirits who protect me and guide me. Yoga and meditation are so much more than doing postures. The … Read more

Kemetic Yoga Origins

The term Kemetic Yoga refers specifically to the work performed by Dr. Asar Hapi and Yirser Ra Hotep starting in the mid-1970s to re-discover the ancient Kemetic connection with Yoga.  Our research centered on the translation of certain writings and the interpretation of certain symbols that related to the philosophy and practice of Yoga.  We … Read more

The Rule Of Four Breath Control,

Technique, Determination, And Pride. Understand and remember that the YogaSkills Method of Kemetic was never a simple ritual or going through the motions of imitating images from the walls of the Kemetic temples and tombs. In our system each breath is designed to stimulate and move the life force through the body. Energy moves from … Read more

The Purpose of Cultivating Life Force:

Below is my answer to a question I received from a participant in a recent workshop about the purpose of moving the life force and the breath. The movement of energy is fundamental to the creation of health, wellness and consciousness. Internal life-force energy can become stagnated just like blood that can’t pass through a … Read more