I Am A Yoga Teacher

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I am a teacher of Yoga. Yoga is a system of Self Development that involves movements, Postures, and Controlled Deep Breathing that heals, improves health and allows one to manage stress and get relief from trauma. Yoga is also a philosophy that includes a worldview that instills alignment with righteousness and the order of nature. Yoga also involves the science of nutrition and proper eating to be both healthy and aligned with the ethics of non-harm to other living creatures.

As a Yoga teacher, I am not bound by one perspective, technique, or β€œstyle”. I specialize in the YOGASKILLS METHOD because I developed it based upon years of experience to incorporate the BEST PRACTICES AND QUALITY ASSURANCE to allow my students to reach their highest potential while staying safe and injury-free.

I formulate techniques, modifications, and approaches that are individualized to the specific needs of each student. I do not attempt to make those who study with me fit into one particular box.

As a Black Man of African descent, I choose to approach Yoga from the perspective of my ancestors who have been marginalized, distorted, and had their true accomplishments suppressed. Not only do I know that Kemetic Yoga overall is highly effective on all the levels that Yoga operates on, but it is also aligned with the philosophical and spiritual tradition from which I come. I also know that when people like me engage in Kemetic Yoga and the YogaSkills Method, they have a unique experience physically, psychologically, energetically, and spiritually.

At the same time, I am open to all systems, techniques, and approaches that legitimately enhance healing and self-development in the spirit of Yoga.

My ultimate goal is to be a force for positive change for my community and the entire planet and all of humanity.

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