Identity Crisis

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Before the holocaust of the middle passage and captivity, each child was born into the community with knowledge of their purpose for coming into this life and what their role in the world was to be. This is because prior to birth our culture had ways of consulting with the spirits and the oracles to find out everything about the being who was to appear in our midst. We knew how to raise our children with knowledge of self and to guide them to fulfill their purpose and destiny.

Today, we have been taught to use derogatory words towards this type of knowledge such as witchcraft, sorcery, and paganism. In fact, one of the reasons our culture and families are torn asunder is because we have lost contact with our traditional PRE-ENSLAVEMENT culture. We have lost contact with that which nourished us, gave us our identity, gave us our purpose, gave us our reason for living, and provided a foundation for future generations.

So now our children are more confused than ever about who they are, why they are here, why they come into this incarnation. Your name used to have significance. It told you everything about who you are connected to on a familial level and a land level. Your name used to denote who you are energetically and even who you were in your prior life before returning to this existence.

Now we are confused about every aspect of who we are. We build our identity from the TV, social media, consumer culture, and by accident. We are open to any and every identity made available by the faux commercial culture of America. We take on the roles of actors and players of roles that infiltrate our consciousness and seduce our senses while imagining that we are making choices and being true to self.

In reality, we are a facade no different than that of a movie set that is changing with each scene.
Our feelings, our sense of self, our perspectives, our emotions, our wants, our needs are all subject to the uncertainties of a culture that seeks self-negation. It demands the loss of memory of the past, of who we once were and how we once did things, and the mechanisms by which we once lived and created our own reality. Reality is nothing except that which our minds imagine. Reality is only limited by the confines of our consciousness.

When we live in a mental construct that commands us to experience guilt and shame for simply existing in human form, as coming into the world as an unformed infant, yet being charged with an “original sin” before even taking the first breath, then we are preordained to struggle with self-identity.

The game is to instill guilt and shame in order to move us towards their version of the truth which is nothing more than a blatant lie. A world of stories distorted to create a paradigm where the self-seeking to be fulfilled is deemed evil and the self that submits to the captivity of doctrine is deemed to be holy. We are born into a prison of psycho-emotional bondage wrapped within the context of European socio-cultural imperative that demands domination, exploitation, and defilement of everything that exists in its intended natural state.

The natural order is antithetical to the European cultural imperative. Everything must be bent, shaped, transformed to meet their vision of Teutonic Aryan order and productivity because they cannot stand the natural order inherent in what was given to us at the “first time”. So, this culture distorts and rips us apart even before leaving the womb, wounding us in ways that many are not able to recover from.

Our identities and sense of self are shattered in such a way that our only recourse appears to be to mindless influence from the options provided to us by the mishmash of mass cultural indoctrination in the media and orgy of mass consumption. To remember is to reassemble the disparate parts of our being and return the self to the pre-enslaved state. Looks towards the old ways and use them as a model to create a new state of being

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