Kemetic Yoga Origins

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The term Kemetic Yoga refers specifically to the work performed by Dr. Asar Hapi and Yirser Ra Hotep starting in the mid-1970s to re-discover the ancient Kemetic connection with Yoga. 

Our research centered on the translation of certain writings and the interpretation of certain symbols that related to the philosophy and practice of Yoga. 

We also discovered the proper and safe way to perform the Kemetic Yoga movements, postures, and poses seen on the walls of temples, in texts, and on statues and other artifacts. 

In the beginning, we referred to our system of Yoga as Ancient Egyptian Yoga. Eventually, I coined the term “Kemetic Yoga” when others who were not affiliated with our program began to imitate our work and call it Egyptian Yoga. 

The term “Kemetic Yoga” is trademarked because it is a specific method of philosophy and practice based upon ancient African principles and is not the same as versions that others began to apply the term “Egyptian Yoga” to 20 or 30 years after we performed the original research. 

“Kemetic Yoga” is characterized by the following notions:

1. Adherence to the ancient African philosophical concept and worldview called Ma’at.  In our view, Ma’at encompasses the idea that the nature of the universe is based upon the five guiding principles of Order, Justice, Balance, Harmony, and Reciprocity.  In our view, the attainment and maintenance of Ma’at is the foundation of all African thought and the basis of ethical, moral, spiritual, social, and cultural life.  “Ma’at” is the term that most closely represents what we call Kemetic Yoga and is a suitable indigenous term to be used to refer to the philosophy and practice of Kemetic Yoga. 

2.  Kemetic Yoga or what we can also simply call Ma’at is characterized by the guiding principles of
a.  Rule of Four Breathing
b.  Geometric Progression

These two principles are UNIQUE to authentic Kemetic Yoga practice and are unknown in other systems using the terms “Egyptian” Yoga and other titles. 

Rule of Four Breathing and Geometric Progression incapsulate specific ancient Kemetic principles that cause Kemetic Yoga to be unique and totally in alignment with ancestral thought.  These guiding principles of our practice ensure total focus and concentration and the attainment of a trancelike spiritual state as well as the safe, accurate, and energizing performance postures, movements, and flow sequences. 

In the practice of Kemetic Yoga, we exercise a unique adherence to strict control over the Breath, coordination of the Breath with movements, transmitting energy through the energy channels of the subtle body, and achieving a transcendent state of consciousness. 

Our practice is much different than simply placing one’s body in an “Egyptian-like” pose with no or little emphasis on developing the power of the Breath. 

3.  Kemetic Yoga or Ma’at is a global movement with over 6 thousand certified instructors on every continent.  We are the only African system of Yoga registered with the Yoga Alliance.  Our connection with the Yoga Alliance was requested by our certified instructors who were seeking more recognition and opportunities in the general Yoga industry to ply their trade.  Kemetic Yoga instructors include persons from every walk of like from PhDs., scientists, tech entrepreneurs, actors, musicians, artists, professors, doctors, herbalists, nutritionists, life coaches, priests, etc, etc.

YogaSkills School of Kemetic Yoga is the only source for certification in Kemetic Yoga.  We have locations in Chicago and Atlanta and affiliates in New York, Houston, Ghana, South Africa, Jamaica, Brazil, Las Vegas, France, UK, Gambia, Ethiopia and other locations in the US and around the world. 

We sponsor training online because of Covid but continue to offer in-person retreats and training programs in Atlanta, Jamaica, Egypt, Ghana, and Brazil in 2021. 

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