War in Ukraine

We as Black folks should be opposed to all wars, especially those that are nothing but blind aggression designed to steal the resources of the country being attacked and virtually enslaving the people.Β  Wars are taking place in many parts of Africa, the so-called Middle East, Asia, the Pacific Islands, South, and Central America, RIGHT … Read more

Why I Hate Memes

One of the reasons I don’t like memes is that they are too often used to oversimplify complex and nuanced issues and allow people on social media to form uninformed and often really dumb opinions. Many memes are created by sophisticated political propagandists whose job is to shape the opinion of certain populations (BLACK FOLKS) … Read more

On The Origins Of Implicit Bias & White Supremacy

yoga in africa

In America and throughout the entire white world, Black professionals automatically face doubt and fear because subconscious automatic implicit bias is a built-in feature of the psychological makeup of people in this society. The sight of Black skin automatically triggers internal reactions of bias that white people seem unable to control or even be aware … Read more

Predicting Global Climate Change

For you young folks who are interested in hearing the words of an elder, listen to Warren Washington, a Black man who actually invented the science of creating mathematical models of understanding and predicting global climate change and weather patterns in general. Many view modern science and scientific thinking as a β€œwhite” thing without realizing … Read more

African Consciousness is World Consciousness:

By Yirser Ra Hotep Kemetic civilization and traditional African spirituality are the roots of my Yoga practice. This is only true because I AM an AFRICAN first and foremost. Kemet achieved heights that have never been duplicated because they crafted systems of creating that were based upon an understanding of how the universe operates and … Read more