African Consciousness is World Consciousness:

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By Yirser Ra Hotep

Kemetic civilization and traditional African spirituality are the roots of my Yoga practice. This is only true because I AM an AFRICAN first and foremost. Kemet achieved heights that have never been duplicated because they crafted systems of creating that were based upon an understanding of how the universe operates and were in harmony (MAAT) with those laws. So to be African, to be Kemetic is not simply operating from a narrow perspective, it is a model that has guided the world and allowed for the development of civilization, religion, spirituality, culture and metaphysics for ALL peoples.

Throughout the planet From Asia to the Americas to the South Pacific islands, to Europe, the foundation of the inner psyche of all people’s is Africa.

Kemet is simply the flower of what was rooted in the deepest part of Africa going back before recorded time. Africa is the most obvious manifestation of human development even from antediluvian times and Atlantis.


With this foundation, worldview and understanding of world OURSTORY it is impossible to allow what we do to simply descend to the level of the common watered down variety of practice that lacks the rigor of authenticity. Just because beliefs about Yoga and what constitutes spiritual development are common, that fact of common acceptance does not make those beliefs true.

Ideas come from somewhere. Beliefs are the manifestation of the worldview from which they derive. Beliefs are most likely rooted in automatic thought processes that are nothing more than conditioned reflexes bought on by living in whatever environment a person has lived in.

When confronted with new information we have to be willing to look, listen and learn and not simply automatically and reflexively react without thought or reason. To avoid such knee jerk reaction we must slow down, meditate and incorporate RULE OF FOUR BREATH CONTROL PRINCIPLE into our practice and ALSO truly develop our internal African consciousness by stripping away the European mindset and modern commercial superficial notions of thinking that are fed to us by the Matrix. The return to Africa and Kemet is the return to self. The return to self is self-realization and what Yoga is all about. All human beings on this planet are traced back to Africa. Develop an African Consciousness.

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