The Purpose of Cultivating Life Force:

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Below is my answer to a question I received from a participant in a recent workshop about the purpose of moving the life force and the breath.

The movement of energy is fundamental to the creation of health, wellness and consciousness. Internal life-force energy can become stagnated just like blood that can’t pass through a clogged artery. Stress, emotional distress, poor diet, lack of exercise and many more factors can result in your internal energy being stagnated. So energy doesn’t just flow for the sack of flowing, it flows for the purpose of making you a self-actualized person. Just like blood doesn’t flow for the sake of flowing. It flows and circulates in order to carry essential nutrients and oxygen to the cells and also to remove waste. Internal life force flows in order to energize the physical and non-physical aspects of the body.

So, when you perform your Yogic and Meditation practices on a consistent basis you create a greater state of physical, mental and psychic health. Not only do you enhance your physical capabilities but you also enhance your psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, pre-cognition and telepathy. These enhanced psychic powers are called sidis in Yogic science.

There is a plethora of ways in which these enhanced physical, mental and psychic powers that result from harnessing internal energy can be put to use in the service of others.

Training others in the performance of internal practices is one obvious avenue. Using your own enhanced “spider” senses in counseling and advising to put them on the right path is another. Simply being a more advanced and powerful being who radiates a higher consciousness has a powerful effect upon all who encounter you and makes all of your movements in life be reflective of a higher order.

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