The Rule Of Four Breath Control,

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Technique, Determination, And Pride. Understand and remember that the YogaSkills Method of Kemetic was never a simple ritual or going through the motions of imitating images from the walls of the Kemetic temples and tombs. In our system each breath is designed to stimulate and move the life force through the body. Energy moves from the base of the spine and three inches below the navel up to the crown chakra each time you inhale. Energy moves through the arms into the hands and down the legs into the feet with each exhalation. In order to truly do Kemetic Yoga this movement and circulation of life force MUST take place. Therefore the coordination of your breath and movement must be precise and concentration, focus and intention must be high.

The purpose of Yoga practice is transformation, transcendence, self-realization and self- actualization. This goal is not realized through philosophical discourse, it is the quality of life force flowing through the energy channels that brings about this change. Life force does not move simply because you move your arms or put your body into positions. The exact breath pattern of the YogaSkills Method of Kemetic Yoga must be adhered to in order for this to happen. That is why we practice the RULE OF FOUR.

Everyone who has gone through our training should have learned this method and internalized it and continue to practice it. In review the Rule of Four is simply to divide your breathing process into 4 parts: 1. Inhale and bring life force up the spine slowly as your breath rises from the lower chamber to the crown of the head and then lingers at the middle of the forehead (Heru center or third eye). 2. Pause: Hold the breath in for 1 to 2 seconds and allow the life force to saturate the blood and tissues. 3. Exhale: move the energy through the arms into the hand and fingers, down the legs and into the feet. 4.

Pause: Before you inhale gain, hold the breath out for 1 to 2 seconds before starting your next inhalation. This breathing process, this RULE OF FOUR should be a constant in your practice of movements, postures, breathing exercises and meditation.

This method is what makes what you are doing Yoga in terms of practice and application. Moving your body without adhering to this pattern of breathing is empty motion or just stretching. This idea of micro-cosmic orbit was the original foundation of all Yogic practice prior to the modern age of Yoga-gymnastics.

To engage in this process of breath and movement utilizing the RULE OF FOUR will give you super focus, super concentration, super ability to practice without distraction or getting tired, super determination, super control over feelings of hunger, super control over feelings of depression, super control over jealousy, super clarity without the need to use intoxicants of any kind and much more.

All Yoga practice is good and beneficial, but it is the RULE OF FOUR BREATHING TECHNIQUE that is fundamental to the YogaSkills Method of Kemetic Yoga.

YogaSkills Method is not something you learn in 5 easy lessons. It is not cookie cutter Yoga in which you simply learn a set number of techniques and then become a master practitioner or teacher. Our Yoga practice is old school meaning MYSTERY SCHOOL, the Kemetic system of learning how to control the forces of nature.

You do not learn this system in two lessons, 10 days, 2 weeks or 200 hundred hours. The study of Yoga, Ankhing or whatever you want to call it, MUST be understood as a life long practice that takes years to become proficient at. As I continue to say, it took me six years to feel comfortable as a teacher, to feel as though I was competent. Add another 31 to the six and I am where I am now and still learning more each day.

Practice, put forth effort, study and be consistent. Be loving and patient with yourself. You have the rest of your life ahead of you, but take the time and the pride to do things the correct way and make the ancestors and NTRU proud.

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