African Consciousness is World Consciousness:

By Yirser Ra Hotep Kemetic civilization and traditional African spirituality are the roots of my Yoga practice. This is only true because I AM an AFRICAN first and foremost. Kemet achieved heights that have never been duplicated because they crafted systems of creating that were based upon an understanding of how the universe operates and … Read more

Kemetic Yoga As a Social and Cultural Movement:

Kemetic Yoga as a Social Movement for Cultural Regeneration What is Kemetic Yoga? It is much more than merely doing poses that come from the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs and temples. Kemetic Yoga is a social, cultural and political movement which emerged out of the struggle for liberation of African people all over the … Read more

The Purpose of Cultivating Life Force:

Below is my answer to a question I received from a participant in a recent workshop about the purpose of moving the life force and the breath. The movement of energy is fundamental to the creation of health, wellness and consciousness. Internal life-force energy can become stagnated just like blood that can’t pass through a … Read more

The Society of Kemetic Yoga

I just want to remind everyone that this a support group for those who have been certified or are in the process of being certified in the YogaSkills Method of Kemetic Yoga. Our primary purpose is to provide support to each other in our quest to develop our skills as practitioners and teachers of this … Read more