Kemetic Concept of Love

The Kemetic hieroglyph for the word “Love” is a man with hoe bent over and tilling the land. He is in essence cultivating the land in order to cause the crop to grow and manifest. This is a very different notion of our westernized notion of romantic love which is sort of a dreamy eyed feeling of attraction for someone which we fall in and out of frequently. This Kemetic notion of love demonstrates that labor, work or effort is implicit in the act of love. This does not mean that emotion and feeling is not involved, only that there is much more to it after those initial feelings have left. True love is the labor that is put into something or the effort you place into maintaining a relationship. In this sense love is not blind. It is directed with for the purpose of creating the result of a flourishing crop that will then feed and sustain you. There is science behind the method of agriculture and their is science behind the methodology of love. True love is transformational for both the loved and the lover. Love is the science of transformation and transmutation. Love emerges from the Mind of the All and has reason and is directed with purpose. Love is not viable without knowledge of self. Love is not viable without love of self as the starting point.