Respect for Our Thing

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People who are really into the Indian concept of Yoga immerse themselves in the Sanskrit language; they read the Vedic scriptures and Upanishads. They learn the philosophy of India and address each other with Sanskrit greetings and phrases. They celebrate Indian holidays and participate in Indian celebrations, rites and rituals. People who practice Kundalini Yoga have a certain way of dressing and emphasize certain symbols and icons that they consider important to their practice. They have definitions of their concepts, philosophies and practices that are very precise and are observed with a large degree of rigor. They honor their past and continually reinforce the history and philosophy and purpose of their practice. They respect the elders and the founders of their traditions to the degree that they even place photos of them in their ashrams and classes with incense and candles burning around them. The Ashtanga Yoga adherents believe that their system is the original Yoga and is superior to all other systems of Yoga. Under the Indian concept of Yoga the Guru, teacher is viewed as an infallible vessel through whom knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment flows.

We as Kemetic Yoga practitioners have a tremendous reservoir of our own Kemetic and African traditions to build upon. We have our own worldview and way of understanding the nature of reality that is African and very different from the Indian way in fundamental ways. Let us build upon the foundation laid down by our ancestors.


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