The Evolution of Kemetic Yoga:

I want to thank those of you who have been conscientious enough to understand that we are creating a movement called Kemetic Yoga. Teaching Kemetic Yoga classes in your studio or private practice, using the term Kemetic Yoga in your promotional materials, acknowledging your certification in Kemetic Yoga in your bios, posting photos of Kemetic Yoga on your websites, blogs and Facebook pages and working with the media to promote Kemetic Yoga are all essential aspects of the work that needs to continue to be done.

To those of you who have had the vision and commitment to do these things, you will continue to reap the benefit as our Yoga continues to grow in popularity and public acceptance. It has been my vision and goal for many years to see Kemetic Yoga evolve into a system of Yoga that captures the consciousness of our communities across the world. Now we are on the cusp of global awareness and general recognition because of the work that many of you all have put forth. Teacher training courses, Soul Yoga Fest, Global Business Network, Newsletters, Blogs, Facebook communities, Workshops, Videos, Articles, Retreats, Press Releases, Websites, etc., are all activities that we are performing that promotes the brand of Kemetic Yoga and thus creates more opportunities for ALL of us to thrive.