An Act of Political Spirituality

A spiritual, political act of healing by a monk. I watched this Buddhist Monk set himself on fire when I was a little boy. I noticed that he did not even flinch. The idea that there is some type of conflict between being spiritual, a Yogi, a healer and engaging in politics is a myth created by the watered down system American version of Yoga. Everything is politics. Seeking to better the world through Yoga is a political and subversive act. This Buddhist Monk in the article and pictures below caused a tremendous amount of change and bought tremendous attention to the atrocities of the Viet Nam War and the spiritual power of this type of politics. vietnamese-buddhist-monks-1963-self-immolation/

Your Yoga Poses are Not 5,000 Years Old

This article by Sadie Naridini, not Yirser Ra Hotep, the mean critic of everything not Kemetic (Joke), documents that the origin of the current commercialized Yoga practiced today is no more than 200 years old and guess what? It is profoundly influenced by British gymnastics–Namaste poses-arent-500_b_272821.html