Fulfillment & Refund Policy

Digital and downloadable items are provided at the time of purchase. This includes all digital video courses and digitized instructional materials. Replacement for damaged or faulty products will be provided at any time within 30 days of purchase. Refunds can be provided within 30 days for materials that cannot be replaced for some reason. For … Read more

Kemetic Concept of Love

The Kemetic hieroglyph for the word “Love” is a man with hoe bent over and tilling the land. He is in essence cultivating the land in order to cause the crop to grow and manifest. This is a very different notion of our westernized notion of romantic love which is sort of a dreamy eyed … Read more

Respect for Our Thing

People who are really into the Indian concept of Yoga immerse themselves in the Sanskrit language; they read the Vedic scriptures and Upanishads. They learn the philosophy of India and address each other with Sanskrit greetings and phrases. They celebrate Indian holidays and participate in Indian celebrations, rites and rituals. People who practice Kundalini Yoga … Read more

An Act of Political Spirituality

A spiritual, political act of healing by a monk. I watched this Buddhist Monk set himself on fire when I was a little boy. I noticed that he did not even flinch. The idea that there is some type of conflict between being spiritual, a Yogi, a healer and engaging in politics is a myth … Read more

Yoga Imperialism:

When I travel in Africa I see all kinds of examples of “Yoga” that people are doing naturally. When I ask them “who taught you that”? They always say, “We taught ourselves”. Yoga (more properly called Ankh), martial arts, gymnastics, mathematics, chemistry, metallurgy, astronomy, on and on are our natural birthright, original and authentic. As … Read more

The Evolution of Kemetic Yoga:

I want to thank those of you who have been conscientious enough to understand that we are creating a movement called Kemetic Yoga. Teaching Kemetic Yoga classes in your studio or private practice, using the term Kemetic Yoga in your promotional materials, acknowledging your certification in Kemetic Yoga in your bios, posting photos of Kemetic … Read more

African Consciousness is World Consciousness:

By Yirser Ra Hotep Kemetic civilization and traditional African spirituality are the roots of my Yoga practice. This is only true because I AM an AFRICAN first and foremost. Kemet achieved heights that have never been duplicated because they crafted systems of creating that were based upon an understanding of how the universe operates and … Read more

Read Ancient Future By Wayne B. Chandler

We take Kemetic Yoga as having the potential between life and death. It is a serious work we do when our children are dying of gun violence, obesity induced disease and our identity as humans on this planet who created civilization is creeping further away from consciousness.

Kemetic Yoga As a Social and Cultural Movement:

Microsoft Word – Compilation of Writings by Yirser Ra Hotep on Various Aspects of Kemetic Yoga.docx ANKH, UDJAH, SENEB Life Health Prosperity By, Yirser Ra Hotep Kemetic Yoga as a Social Movement for Cultural Regeneration What is Kemetic Yoga? It is much more than merely doing poses that come from the walls of ancient Egyptian … Read more