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  • Fulfillment & Refund Policy
    Digital and downloadable items are provided at the time of purchase. This includes all digital video courses and digitized instructional materials. Replacement for damaged or faulty products will be provided at any time within 30 days of purchase. Refunds can be provided within 30 days for materials that cannot be replaced for some reason. For … Read more
    Understand and remember that the YogaSkills Method of Kemetic was never a simple ritual or going through the motions of imitating images from the walls of the Kemetic temples and tombs. In our system each breath is designed to stimulate and move the life force through the body. Energy moves from the base of the … Read more
  • Kemetic Concept of Love
    The Kemetic hieroglyph for the word “Love” is a man with hoe bent over and tilling the land. He is in essence cultivating the land in order to cause the crop to grow and manifest. This is a very different notion of our westernized notion of romantic love which is sort of a dreamy eyed … Read more

Slide The YogaSkills Kemetic Yoga Training was a transformative 10 days! I experienced healing on so many levels. Practicing Yoga daily, under the healing rays of the Sun strengthened my body, balanced my mind and rejuvenated my soul. Yirser is both authentic and knowledgeable, bringing a wealth of essential knowledge for any teacher or practitioner of Yoga. Atarah Stroman Slide Never really connecting with various classes of various and different yoga styles, Kemetic Yoga changed my comprehension of what Yoga is all about and what it can do for me. Through Kemetic yoga I was for the first time able to connect to the spirit and wisdom of our ancestors, working and oxygenizing each cell and muscle within my body and dwell in & get back into contact with the debts of my soul. Abisara Machold Slide Yoga skills Kemetic Yoga Teacher training is a superior course both in practice and theory. I have experienced other courses but this is the one that I would recommend to anyone who wants to be an advanced practitioner Penny Prempeh, Ghana, West Africa Slide In 2006 I had a chance to attend my first Soul Yoga fest where I met Yirser Ra Hotep for the first time and took the yogaskills method class. It was exhilarating. As I moved with my breath I could feel waves of energetic awakenings occurring. I had been teaching Kemetic yoga for years but this added a bio-energetic dimension that floored me. I was being reborn energetically. Aunkh Aakhu Slide The Kemetic Yoga Teacher Training experience is indeed an enlightening one. Every moment is thoroughly engaging and enriching for the whole being. What I enjoyed most about the training is that it was very wholistic. The Yoga Skills method incorporates elements of lifestyle, breathing, postures, mental and spiritual balance. Atarah Stroman Slide For the past 12 years - the lifespan of my Kemetic Yoga journey - gradual yet dramatic changes in my life have been observed by not only myself but also by others both close to and far from me. From the first day that I learned about a man of African descent (Yirser Ra Hotep) teaching a yoga discipline based on an African perspective (YogaSkills Method of Kemetic Yoga) - I was hooked! Yeeskah Radcliffe