Teacher Training & Certification

YogaSkills School of Kemetic Yoga is a Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Registered Yoga Skills

Each one of our 200 Hour Teacher Training courses both online and in person are registered with the Yoga Alliance. All of our mini certification courses, workshops and classes are eligible for Yoga Alliance CEUs.

All of our 200 hour courses/Retreat Trainings are divided into 6 basic modules and come with printed, video and audio resources.
Please see the description below:

Each module consists of learning objectives, learning resources and learning activities that help to guide your learning process. Once you register your will receive the following:

1. Our Complete set of Training Manuals
2. Our Master Collection of Digital Instructional Videos and Instructional Meditation Audios
3. The Kemetic Yoga for Child and Youth Development Digital Video
4. Access to the Kemetic YogaSkills eBook and Research Study Library
5. Access to any live Zoom courses and past recorded courses including Kemetic Yoga for Racial Trauma, Alchemy of Kemetic Yoga, Kemetic Yoga for the Black Child and Youth Development & Stress Management for Health and Wellness
6. Links to YouTube Video Resources


Learning Objective: Understanding the history and philosophy of Kemetic Yoga

Learning Objective: Understanding, Performing and Teaching Initial Breathing Techniques

Learning Objective: Internalizing the Core Practices of YogaSkills Method

MODULE FOUR: Kemetic Yoga Practices
Learning Objective: To learn the practice and teaching of the Core Kemetic Yoga Practices

Learning Objective: Understanding the Physiological, Anatomical, Bio-Chemical and Energetic Aspects of Kemetic Yoga

Learning Objective: Understanding the Role of Nutrition in the practice of Yoga