The Restoration Of Ma’at: Reconstructing The African Mind Lecture Series (The African Origins Of Civilization)


Special Guest Lecturers
Jabari Osaze

-The African Origins Of Civilization
Saturday May 28, 2022 1:00 PM TO 3:00 PM CT
Price: $45


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The African origin of civilization is an interactive multimedia lecture that demonstrates how Africans are the progenitors of humanity and also created modern civilization. We are all familiar with the negative depictions of Africans as backward, savage, and childlike. The true story has continued to remain hidden from public consciousness.  It is the African that created virtually all of the mechanisms which led to modern society: science, medicine, architecture, engineering, mathematics, literature, and also spirituality.  Brother Jabari Osaze takes you on an entertaining and educational journey that corrects this little-known history.