The Mysteries of Kemet Tour 2022

This history-making tour will be curated by Scholars, Historians, and Kemetic Priests Master Yirser Ra Hotep, Jabari Osaze & Anika Osaze of the Center for the Restoration of Ma’at.  This is the first tour of its kind focusing on history, culture, spiritual science, and Kemetic Yoga.

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Featuring Yirser Ra Hotep with Jabari & Anika Osaze

August 1 to 10, 2022

During your time in Kemet you will receive an authentic experience of the history, culture and spiritual life of our ancestors.

1.     Kemetic Yoga Practice and Meditation

2.     Guided Historical Tours

3.     Information on the true history and African origins of Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) civilization

4.     Understanding of the inner Psycho-Spiritual Dimensions of Kemetic/African Metaphysical Science

5.     Learn the self-care practices of authentic Kemetic Yoga

6.     Experience first hand the translation and interpretation of Kemetic language.


Roundtrip Airfare from New York (JFK)

Accommodations (Double Occupancy)


Admission to Archeological Sites and Museums

Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx

All Major Temples

Valley of the Kings (Pharaonic Tombs)

Nile River Cruise



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