Soul Yoga Fest 2021
Class Schedule

All of our master classes are open to all levels including beginners.Bring your Yoga mat, a towel. water & fruit snacks and camp out with us all day to enjoy the full range of classes.  

9:00 AM
Yoga Beginners with Rebecca Hubbard

10:00 AM
Chair Yoga with Darlene Blackburn  

11:00 AM

Kemetic Yoga for Childern: Saidia Therapy Lady

12:00 PM
Meditation, Relaxation & Deep Breathing Exercises: Fatima Nerfertiti

1:00 PM
Tai Chi with Master Jabulani Makalani

2:00 PM
Capoeira with Kamau Rashid

3:00 PM
Real Men Do Kemetic Yoga: Frank Mitchell/Ibteni Niamat

4:00 PM
Martial Arts: Moyo Kazi with Khalil Maasi

5:00 PM
Music Therapy(TBD)

Special Workshop

11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
For Women Only, Restoring the Sacred Feminine
Womb health, Overcoming Fibroids, Weight Management, Conquering Trauma

Throughout the Day
Water Aerobics throughout the day

Throughout the Day
Chair Massage & Stress Reduction Consultation


Throughout the day
Nutritional & Weight Management Consultation

Chiropractic Consultation

The Healing Power of CBD & Other Plan medicines

Energy Healing Systems: Acupuncture, Pranic Healing, Reiki

Spiritual Reading and Consultation by Appoinment: Jo Pearson & (Fashola)

Naturopathic Medicine

3:00 PM – 6:00PM
Entertainment (Side Stage)